Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Where dunes and ocean meet

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Sandwich Harbour is world famous for its abundant birdlife. In 1995, the Walvis Bay lagoon and the Sandwich Harbour wetlands were declared a RAMSAR site and are now classified as "Wetlands of International Importance". The area hosts upwards of 70 000 birds, many of which are seasonal migrants, traveling from the northern hemispere.

Common bird sightings in Sandwich harbour include big flocks of flamingo, pelicans, grebes, as well as a huge variety of terns and waders. The vegetated area around the lagoon is also home to the famous endemic dune lark and various raptor species. On a good day, up to 50 different species of birds can be seen.

Please contact our office for a more detailed list on possible bird sightings for Sandwich Harbour and the Walvis Bay Wetlands.