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Walvis Bay, Namibia’s second biggest town after the capital Windhoek, is located on the Atlantic Coast, 30 kilometers South of Swakopmund. Walvis Bay is the home of the biggest salt mine in the world and a massive commercial deep water harbour. Every day, tons of freight arrive to be moved over to trucks. Walvis Bay supplies many countries including Botswana and Zambia with products from all over the world. The harbour has the reputation as one of Africa’s most efficient! In 2013, we are expecting the development of a massive new marina in the harbor area. We do not have any details yet, but we will keep you posted.

Walvis Bay is also famous for its beautiful lagoon area. The area is very rich in plankton and attracts huge amounts of seals, flamingoes, pelicans, dolphins and even whales (July - November), making Walvis Bay a huge touristic attraction. Several hotels, guest houses and restaurants have opened up over the last years to accommodate increasing numbers of visitors. Since 2007, Walvis Bay has been developing a new Waterfront next to the Yacht Club with restaurants, curioshops and several tour operators. The Sandwich Harbour 4x4 office is also based here. In the mornings, you might find some of our local pelicans walking around, waiting for daily marine cruise departures.

Our flamingoes can be seen on the lagoon. You can either take a drive through the salt pans, or simply go for a little stroll along the promenade to spot thousands of Greater and Lesser Flamingoes.

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